ACCESS  CONTROL  SYSTEM Delivering secure and reliable system for Entrance/Exit management by ART JAPAN.

Security systems are increasingly required by customers not only for security measures in office buildings and homes, but also for protecting corporate secrets and saving labor and energy in management operations.
With the advanced technology and abundant experience, ART JAPAN products place the highest priority on providing a more friendly product system so that anyone can easily use an advanced and innovative security system.

A large number of state-of-the-art entrance and exit management systems (W-LINE), which are proud of ART JAPAN, have been installed in large-scale intelligent buildings throughout Japan.

In addition to intelligent buildings, medium- and small-scale buildings such as general tenant buildings, apartment buildings, and detached houses, or research facilities of universities and companies, and public facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and cultural halls Is also using the ART JAPAN security system. Customers are highly acclaimed as a human-friendly building automation system that adds assurance and reliability, as well as safety.